Reach Truck

Orange Heli Reach truck in white background

Product Details – Compact electric pallet jack ideally suited to providing ease of operation without the worker hazards associated with manual pallet jacks.


  • Side battery as option, easy replacement
  • Intelligent integration control handle, the operation is convenient and comfortable
  • Proportional hydraulic control, working more stable, more precise
  • Electronic power steering offering easy , flexible, high efficient and mute operation
  • Automatic centering function


  • Automatic deceleration on curved road, more intelligent and safe.
  • Standard configuration of warning light and drive OPS system improve whole truck's safely
  • Magnetic brake on driving axle,the truck can automatic parking in slope or flat
  • Five independent braking systems
  • Current regenerating brake when releasing acceleration handle shank
  • Emergency brake activated by releasing foot switch
  • Parking brake activated by pressing button on the panel
  • Automatic activated Parking brake
  • Emergency switch

Working Efficiency

  • Small turning radius makes steering flexible and easy
  • Smaller load wheel, can be directly into the bottom of the shelf.
  • The truck has fast driving and lifting speed, higher working efficiency.
  • Three speed mode, high performance
  • Larger battery capacity for longer single shift time
  • Better loading capacity and stability at high position Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  • Proportional hydraulic system, the truck is more energy-efficient and has lower energy consumption.
  • Save more than 80% lighting energy with LED lights
  • Motor regenerative braking can recycle more electric energy
  • Electronic steering, more efficient, higher work efficiency Maintainability

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